Feb 27, 2012

Kim Ha Yul as Video Game Character

It's probably every man's dream to see his favorite model to dressed as his favorite video game character, assuming that most men are a game addict.

Now, if you're a gamer yourself, you must have been familiar with Dynasty Warriors series, a tactical-action video game based on Chinese historical event of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. One of the most favored characters from Dynasty Warriors is Diao Chan, which according to history is one of the most beautiful women in Three Kingdoms era.

At 2008 G-Star, Kim Ha Yul dressed as Diao Chan, and she looks incredible with that costume. However, if in the game Diao Chan is a fierce warrior (not in the actual history though), Kim Ha Yul doesn't look fierce at all, instead she looks super-cute.

G-Star itself is an annual and biggest game fair in South Korea, and cosplay is become one of the most awaited events by gamer, as many beautiful models take part at the show.

Here are the pictures of Diao Chan cosplay by Kim Ha Yul:









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