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There are so many beautiful yet unknown Asian models, including Katrina Halili, Baby Margaretha, Mikie Hara, and Kim Ha Yul. You've probably never heard about those names and more familiar with popular Asian actresses like Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif (India), Maggie Q (Vietnam), Zhang Ziyi and Bai Ling (China), or Michelle Yeoh (Malaysia). In this blog, I will introduce you to Asian models that although quite famous in their own country, but rather unknown in other countries, especially in the Western world.

On this Asian Models and Actresses blog, I only highlighted a few names, which happen to be my personal favorites. Among them are Anushka Shetty, Baby Margaretha, Elly Tran Ha, Katrina Halili, Kim Ha Yul, and Mikie Hara. Their galleries are the most in this blog, and you can browse them from the right sidebar. Don't worry though, I still include some other Asian models, including the famous ones that I've mentioned earlier.

Here are my favorite Asian models:

Anushka Shetty (India)

Anushka-Shetty-ArmpitYou probably have been familiar with many Bollywood heroines, but India also have Tollywood and Kollywood. And the hottest item there right now is Anushka Shetty. She's a very attractive girl with 5' 9" height and curvaceous figure, thanks to her yoga hobby. Moreover, Anushka Shetty is also a Bachelor of Computer Applications! Beautiful, talented, sexy, sporty, and IT literate. What else is missing from Anushka Shetty?

Anushka Shetty Biography

Baby Margaretha (Indonesia)

Baby-MargarethaIndonesia is never known for its celebrities, but don't get it wrong, there are plenty of beautiful girls there, and Baby Margaretha is just one example. Started her career as auto-show model, Baby Margaretha later became famous as Indonesian Internet queen. After flooding the web with her sexy photos, Baby Margaretha is now on her path of becoming a real actress.

Baby Margaretha Biography

Elly Tran Ha (Vietnam)

Elly-Tran-HaInternet now has become a media to reach success and fame. Besides Baby Margaretha, there is another girl who managed to turn into one of the most popular Asian models, thanks to Internet. Elly Tran Ha is a smart girl who understand well about her "assets". When she was nobody, Elly Tran Ha posted ton of photos to the web, which most of them show her with a low cleavage outfits. Only took a moment for this busty girl to gain contract as an actress and model after that.

Elly Tran Ha Biography

Katrina Halili (Philippines)

Katrina-HaliliVoted as FHM Sexiest Woman for two years in a row is a proof of Katrina Halili attractiveness. Unfortunately Katrina Halili scandal when her sex tape with Dr. Hayden Kho leaked on the Internet has made her career hit rock bottom by losing plenty endorsements. Now, with her pleasant personality and fabulous body, Katrina Halili try to rebuild her success again.

Katrina Halili Biography

Kim Ha Yul (Korea)

Kim-Ha-YulMany said that Korean girls faces are generic, as they all look a like thanks to plastic surgery procedure. Well, surgically modified or not, you won't forget Kim Ha Yul face easily. She is one of the cutest Asian models out there. Unfortunately, the information about Kim Ha Yul is so limited, unlike her photo galleries that are scattered all over the web world.

Kim Ha Yul Biography

Mikie Hara (Japan)

Mikie-HaraBaby Margaretha, Elly Tran Ha, Katrina Halili, and now Mikie Hara. You're probably surprised to know that there are actually a lot of busty girls in the Eastern continent. Well, actually devilish body that combined with innocent face is the main attraction of Asian models, including Mikie Hara. After gain success as famous Japanese gravure idol, Mikie Hara is now trying to get the same popularity in movie and television series.

Mikie Hara Biography

So, between Anushka Shetty, Baby Margaretha, Elly Tran Ha, Katrina Halili, Kim Ha Yul, and Mikie Hara, who's your favorite Asian models? If none of them, don't worry. Just browse through this site as there are still plenty of other Asian Models for you! Below are some of the most beautiful Asian models that quite popular:

Other Asian Models and Actresses