Mar 28, 2012

Katrina Halili is Pregnant!

There are not many Katrina Halili picture is this post, because I just want to deliver a happy news (well, probably a bad one for you guys). Yes, Katrina Halili has just announced her pregnancy, said that she's already three months pregnant and gonna giving birth around September 2012.

Katrina Halili said that the father of her baby is her long-time boyfriend, singer Kris Lawrence, although Kris hasn't confirmed the news yet. Although very happy, the 26-year-old actress won't use the pregnancy as a reason to get married soon.

Katrina Halili also revealed that she already informed her GMA family, especially the people behind her ongoing soap, My Beloved, about her condition. She's willing to give up the television series if necessary. But GMA seem like they will retain her even if it means that her character in the soap will get pregnant too.

Well, I hope that we'll gonna see some pretty pictures of Katrina Halili in the following months, as pregnant woman is beautiful, like you can see in Tara Sharma pregnancy photos. Anyway, here are three pictures of Katrina Halili exposes sexy waist in catwalk show, which gonna make you envy the father of her soon-to-be-born baby!



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