Feb 2, 2012

Japanese Gravure Idol Mikie Hara

From the Mikie Hara biography that I've posted a while ago, you knew that she is one of the most popular gravure idols in Japan. But what a gravure idol actually is?

A gravure idol is a Japanese female model who primarily poses for men's magazines, photo-books, and DVDs. If models in America or Europe usually done pictorials to promote certain brand, such as fashion, cosmetic, or accessories, gravure idols work to promote themselves, by emphasize their sexual attractiveness.

Gravure idols are commonly have an above-average breast size, and they try to highlight it in every modeling works. Even though their costumes are usually nothing more than lingerie or swimsuit that only cover the essential parts, they avoid to look cheap. They rely much on their playful attitude and innocent face (take a look at Mikie Hara's face if you need an example). Moreover, nudity is forbidden in their line of work.

Gravure is a good way for young Japanese women who want to have a career in entertainment. They start modeling in a very young age, and stop at their early or mid 20s. After that, a successful gravure idol can easily get job in movie or dorama (Japanese televisions series). Few of them turned to AV (adult video) idol.

As I previously said, Mikie Hara is one of the most known gravure idols in Japan, so it's easily predicted that she's gonna have a bright career as an actress. She already took part in some successful TV shows, such as Cutie Honey, Jyouou, and HUNTER. Now, enjoy some of her pictures below, which mostly show Mikie Hara innocence:




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