Oct 27, 2011

Haruna Anno is A Retro Gamer Girl

You've probably seen many beautiful women posed as gamer girls on the Internet, but do they really a gamers? More importantly, do they good at it? Hot girl who loves video games is a rarity, and the one who also good at it seems impossible to find. Well, Haruna Anno is definitely an exception.

As the land where game consoles were created, and the place where most of the most popular game titles were made, it is not surprisingly if we find a cute gamer girl in Japan. Haruna Anno, now 23-year-old, is a well known pin-up girl and gravure model. However, fans are not only admire her for her bikini poses, instead, they love her more for her gaming hobby.

Haruna Anno loves video games since she was appointed as game idol, back when she was 18. To distinguish herself from other models, she chose retro games, which she soon found herself in love with. Classic titles like Mario Bros., Chrono Trigger, and Spelunker are some of her favorite video games, although she also proficient in Street Fighter IV. Video where she beats Mario Bros. level 1-1 without even looking at the screen became hits on many game forums.

Enough about her hobby, now let's check some of Haruna Anno cute and sexy pictures:



I want to show people that gaming isn’t something only lonely people do in dark dirty rooms.
- Haruna Anno, quoted from Otaku (2008).



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