Aug 11, 2011

Erika Kirihara Behind the Scene Pics

This is the Erika Kirihara behind the scene photos. There has been no news about Erika Kirihara latest activity after she announced her retirement in January 2011. We surely miss this former Japanese adult video star, because she was one of the best. Not only that we can't see new video from her, update of Erika Kirihara photo also become a hard thing to find.

Erika Kirihara decision to retire is rumored due to health or personal reasons. She just came and went so fast in AV industry, as she only being in the business for about two years. Although looks older, she's actually only 23-year-old. We surely hope that she's gonna make her comeback sometime in the future.

Anyway, this is not a new photo gallery of Erika Kirihara. This is just behind the scenes from her older pictorials. I love behind the scenes theme as from here we can see how a model search for the best pose to create a perfect results. Besides that, we also can see the more humane side of a model during a photo session. You can watch Erika Kirihara only wears bathrobe during her breaks. How she eats and being made up just show that models and adult video stars are also just an ordinary girls.

After retired, we don't know whether she's ever gonna release a new movie or gallery anymore or not. Just enjoy these pics and we bet that you will feel envy to the photographer and crew.



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