Apr 17, 2011

Baby Margaretha Movie Debut

Our favorite Indonesian model, Baby Margaretha, is finally going to turn into a real actress. After spent years for lingerie and bikini modeling, she will be staring her debut movie. The movie is titled as Pocong Mandi Goyang Pinggul (not sure what's the English translation, but it should be close to Shrouded Corpse Bathing While Hip-Shaking) and will hit the theater in late April 2011.

This is not an ordinary Indonesian local film, because the main actress will be U.S. porn star Sasha Grey. The scenes which involved Sasha Grey were filmed at America, while the rest were shot in Indonesia. It's a horror genre, and we're not sure what's Baby Margaretha character in it, but it's expected to be a small role with sexy appearance.

We only hope that after she get more projects, she doesn't forget to produce hot pictorials like she used to. Here are some of her newest update, Baby Margaretha Bikini Pics:


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