Jul 22, 2009

Baby Margaretha Works as SPG

Before getting famous and create all the fuss as Indonesian Internet queen, Baby Margaretha spent most of her career as an SPG. SPG, stands for sales promotion girl, is Indonesian term of car model girl, means a beautiful and sexy girl who usually hired for automotive show or new car launching.

Girl works as an SPG carries the image of the car's brand that she's representing, which means she has to be dressed attractively - sometimes even provocative, brainy, polite, and know how to pose.

Speaking of pose and dress, if you take a look at the first set of Baby Margaretha SPG pics below, she seems like uncomfortable with her smallness outfit, which creates some up-skirt moments for some lucky photographers and visitors. I wonder whether the auto company regrets of hiring her, because even if the car is fancy, I bet men would prefer to see Baby Margaretha than the product itself.




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